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When deciding to hire SR22 Insurance, you need to pay attention to some important information.  To help you, we have written an article about SR22 Insurance and the importance of quoting auto insurance before hiring.

When buying a car, we also acquire an asset

In the case of the car, we are talking about a movable asset, which will move frequently, it will take us to work, to the supermarket, to short and long trips and so on, it will be present in a large part of our activities.

In day-to-day situations, we are exposed to risks related to theft, collision, accidents, etc. That is why, in all these day-to-day situations, we are exposed to the risks related to this type of asset: theft, collision, accidents, etc. However, of course, not everyone is subject to the same risks. Therefore, the probability of one or another occurrence, to a greater or lesser extent, varies according to the characteristics of each driver, vehicle, region, etc.

That said, it is clear that the need to take out auto insurance is precisely linked to those risks that you do not want or are unable to take. Although there are some good reasons for you to take out insurance for your car, we intend to do more than that. Want to know more about SR22 Insurance and the importance of quoting auto insurance before hiring?

Well, the role of SR22 Insurance is precisely to “protect “your assets. Just as we prepare for the risk of a flat tire, we can also prepare ourselves to deal with other unforeseen events that may happen like our car.

For example: Would you support or be able to take on financially if any of these incidents happened?

A traffic accident involving other vehicles and victims could generate costs for workshops, new parts and assistance to victims. A broken rearview or windshield would incur labor costs and parts replacement. If your car was not found after a theft or theft, you would have to pay for the purchase of a new vehicle.

An insurance agent resolving a car accident

So, taking out SR22 Insurance in these situations guarantees the insured the protection of the part that paid for their assets and also guarantees the return to the bank of the part that belongs to them. In other words, this risk is eliminated, protecting assets and avoiding unnecessary debt. As stated earlier, about being prepared for the risk of a flat tire, we can compare SR22 Insurance to the spare tire of our car.

We wish we didn’t need it; however, we always keep it calibrated, because we know that there is a possibility that one day we will be victims of a flat tire. With this, experts explain that in addition to being a facilitator in some situations, SR22 Insurance is a tool for “protecting” our assets, especially if we are still paying for those assets.

So if you have or think about having a vehicle soon and you don’t have insurance, it may be time to rethink your decisions and integrate the cost of insurance into your personal financial planning to protect your property.

Let’s get to know some types of SR22 Insurance coverage?

Types of coverage available:

Basic Coverage: The insurer will indemnify the insured in case of theft, total theft, fire or explosion of the vehicle. It is a more basic and generally cheaper type of coverage, but it does not cover collision.

Comprehensive Coverage: includes coverage for fire and theft, as well as indemnifying the insured in the event of a collision. It only covers damage to your own vehicle. It is the coverage we are generally thinking about when we talk about insurance, and also the most common.

Damage Coverage to Third Parties: Known as RCF-V (Optional Civil Liability for Vehicles), it covers damages caused to third parties. The damages generally covered in our quotes are material, personal or moral damages.

Coverage in Personal Passenger Accidents (APP): This coverage aims to protect passengers who are being transported in the insured vehicle, or their beneficiaries, in the event of physical damage or death.

For each of them, an additional premium is charged, that is, a slightly higher payment, and a maximum limit of indemnity and uses is defined.

The following cases stand out as guarantees of indemnity:

Additional Coverage: 1st Group (referring to vehicle parts)

  • Accessories
  • Bodywork
  • Equipment
  • Shielding
  • Gas kit

2nd Group (corresponding to services)

  • Damage to windows, lanterns, headlights and mirrors
  • Vehicle and passenger assistance (24 hour assistance)
  • Backup car

3rd Group (payment in kind as long as risks are covered)

  • Extraordinary expenses
  • Daily rates due to vehicle unavailability or loss of revenue

4th Group (expansion of coverage limits)

  • Perimeter extension
  • New value

Auto insurance is a service that will protect the insured customer who hires him and his car from unexpected risk situations. To take out insurance that meets your needs, you need to understand its operation and know its language. Knowing that the purpose is not to make a profit to the insured, but to reduce the loss, in the event of what the insurers call a claim.

The Importance of Quoting Auto Insurance before Buying

The quote is a preview of the insurance. It is through it that you know the cost of your insurance and each of the coverage and services included. Therefore, ask your insurance broker to quote from as many insurers as possible. At the time of quotation, information on the vehicle, owner and drivers is requested. As a result, insurers rely on this information to calculate the insurance price.

In an eventual accident (situation in which the car suffers an accident or some material damage), if it is found that there was an omission or a lie, the insurer can deny the indemnity alleging bad faith on its part.

Finally, receiving quotes from insurance companies check that all information related to the use of the vehicle is correct. Likewise, in conjunction with your insurance broker, make sure that the included coverage and services meet your needs.

Finally, after getting to know how SR22 Insurance works and understanding the importance of quoting before hiring, surely hiring SR22 Insurance will be simpler, and you will have no unpleasant surprises.